Dot Drug Test for a Safe Working Environment


Even if there are no clear testing rules valid on employees but a drug free situation is very significant. Stats show that nearly 70 percent employees are detected under the influence of illicit drugs and alcohols and abusers of those addictions. DOT drug test is an essential factor required particularly in the places of work and it is for this cause that the procedure of drug testing has been stated mandatory in most work places on behalf of safety but also for work force effectiveness and productivity.

Drug free and healthy work environment will promote positive traits like productivity, discipline, professionalism, integrity etc. Employees who are in the custom of drug abuse will decrease productivity, corrupts the atmosphere of the workplaces it will also promote negative traits and unprofessional activities. It is the responsibility of workers to take on DOT drug test methods for the security of other people.

DOT drug test provides a set of procedures and rules which makes sure accurate results and right procedures. Under the Dot procedure that includes random tests, the employers are put to a drug and alcohol testing randomly that can identify the abuse habits of any worker who will be caught without guard.







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• demand a policemanman report;

• get proof of past and present employers;

• Evaluate present earnings and monthly debt obligations. Make sure the tenant can pay for the rent;

• computer display the promise tenant’s borrowing tally;

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• If the tenant is holding pets, make sure you know what kind of pets and how numerous;

• You do find destructive tenants. believe your gut feelings. If a tenant’s vehicle is trashed, it can be an indication of how the tenant will sustain your rental house.